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Walter Cronkite

“And that’s the way it is…” Rest in peace, Walter Cronkite.


Interesting article.

The Little Queens and their Pimping Mommies

You don’t need to be a parent to know that, when it comes to raise a child, there are some things that are just wrong. One of them is making your child a pedophile’s dream come true.


The traffic has tripled in just 24 hours…

Bottled Scam

Couldn’t agree more with this…

High School Shakespeares

This is hilarious…

From Wacko Jacko to Saint Michael in two hours

I have to disclose something from the get-go: I never liked Michael Jackson and/or his music. I will not attempt to judge the man or the musician; I will let others decide if he was a musical prodigy, a world class entertainer, a tormented addict or something else. I will, however, make some comments about […]

My take on Zelaya

I’m sure that by now you’re well aware of the situation in Honduras. Zelaya was deposed, packed, wrapped and shipped out of Honduras. People and governments cried foul game, but forgot to note that Zelaya wiped his privates clean with the Supreme Court, which ruled the sough-after referendum unlawful.

Jackie Oh!

So, it turned out Jackie -or Bobby?- was an earlier version of Billy… I present you the latest scoop on Camelot.

The Ranting Factor…

The Ranting Factor is live.