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The Little Queens and their Pimping Mommies

This is not a porcelain doll, it is a child.

This is not a porcelain doll, it is a child.

You don’t need to be a parent to know that, when it comes to raise a child, there are some things that are just wrong. One of them is making your child a pedophile’s dream come true.

While I was watching TV yesterday, I got hit with the promo of a new reality show centered on little girls’ beauty pageants. It was just disgusting to see 5 and 6 year old girls dressed up like grown up women, complete with professional makeup, elaborate hairdos and glitzy evening gowns, pulling moves and gestures completely out of synch with what girls their age would make.

The most disturbing part was to see the parents pushing and pressing their daughters into doing this stuff. It was like watching pimps auctioning their little hot babes to the highest bidder at the National Child Molester Convention in Las Vegas.

It happens every week, every year around the country, and while the public opinion seem to be more outraged about consenting adults of the same sex who want to get married, nothing is done to eliminate this child abusing practice.

I’m not talking about a talent showcase, which in principle is absolutely fine. There’s nothing wrong with children showing their singing, dancing, or acting abilities; schools around the world do it all the time and it fosters a healthy development of the arts.

But these beauty pageants are different. These are people who gather regularly to fulfill a narcissistic need of approval by abusing their own children and putting them through extraordinary amounts of pressure; normal, smiling girls who become miniaturized versions of Morgan Fairchild -blown out hair included- and are being shown around the country. This is big business. There are consultants, handlers, wardrobe specialists, makeup artists… And the mommies who spend absurd amounts of money to keep this act going.

Take a look:

Teaching your children to be competitive is fine when it is about Ivy League education or a sports-based scholarships, but shoving it down a five year old  in the form of hair spray, prosthetic whitened teeth, foundation and rimmel will surely have a disruptive effect. These girls just want to play with their Barbie dolls and watch the Hannah Montana show. Their hormones will do their job when they turn 15 or 16. In the meanwhile, if mommy wants  to fulfill her deviant needs, she can place an ad in Craig’s List; I’m sure more than one will happily oblige.